Thursday, May 27, 2021

one way or another

 Jared guessed he and his mom were a lot alike in their choices. Except, being with Angel changed things. Evidently. 

Of course, his mother was hard to work for and as of late she was forgetting everything. Even work that was once slow was now picking up after the pandemic. People needed to eat and of course, socialize. They weren't making boxed lunches anymore for senior citizens. 

Still, the two o'clock gig was happening live too. Thank god, the walking exercise class he guided only lasted thirty minutes because there were always dishes to wash and BINGO was from four to six on Friday. He spent more time at the Senior Center than his mom did. Perhaps he was a master of nothing, but it kept him busy, and somehow he managed time for Angel too.

His mother Fan mentioned something about moving to Iowa. Jared told her the drive would be longer. Did she really have to? He knew the only reason why she was dating this new fellow was that he was a friend of her ex-husband's.

"What if that doesn't even work out?" Jared winced, thinking she'd always been this way and they'd let it slide.  Finding a man was like playing a game. "What about Sal?"

"Sal?" She turned to him with a wince. "What about him?"

"He won't be there if you-"

"What?" She gave him a soured look.

"Never mind." He guessed it wouldn't hurt. He could have the apartment all to himself without her. Maybe Angel could move in with him instead of playing this hide and seek game of theirs. After all, he was the trouble maker, but he knew he was nothing like his mother. "Just be careful." Jared carefully sighed. Just as Angel told him, they couldn't be her keeper.


  1. Lo dejaste interesante hay siempre que tener cuidado. Te mando un beso

  2. Woow she dated with her former hubby! Retaliation !!! Or not?

  3. I think it would be really hard to work for a parent, even if you have the best of relationships, and Jared and Fan don't seem to belong to that club. I'm interested to see if Fan will move, leaving Jared free to live with Angel. Still, it's telling that Jared admits that he and his mom are alike. No matter what, there's no escaping those genes!

  4. I wonder how this story will surprise us yet


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