Sunday, April 24, 2011

unwanted guests

Nick wasn't expecting to do much for Easter, other than sleep in. Usually, he worked on that Sunday during the month, but the library was closed. He was sure the closest thing he might get to eggs this morning was possibly Heath scrambling some.

But Heath's sister showed up with Roger.

Immediately, Nick felt a bit naked, even if he were in his flannel pants and his favorite Misfits black T-shirt.

"Do they plan on spending the day?" Nick asked Heath while he was putting on a pot of coffee.

"I have no idea." Heath was even sullen about it, but he was digging through the fridge to get breakfast started. He wanted waffles so Nick went to find the waffle maker.

Both were pretty mute when it came to Roger. Nick had gone to school with him, and Nick liked to think of Roger still with Cory. As it was Roger would go in bouts in his relationships. Sometimes with guys, and sometimes with girls.

"I can't see it lasting." Nick finally said to Heath about his sister's situation with Roger.

"I guess." Heath gave him a faint smile.

Finally, Nick took Roger and Amber some coffee to the livingroom. Heath didn't follow.

Nick faked a smile. It was going to be work. More work than any day at the library. At least he could hide in the shelves when he wanted, at work. No, this was going to take some award winning act to show them he was happy to see them. He didn't see Heath making an effort.

Nick could only hope they wouldn't stay for lunch.


ivy's closet said...

Poor Nick!

lucy and sarah said...

It sounds like Heath is not impressed with his sis.

Cait said...

So unexpected but great.

Natalie said...

Yay for an update!
Hmmm.. definitely sounds like sort of an awkward situation to me...

griffin said...

Goodness..not a great way to start the holiday.

meg said...

I just know Heath is mad.