Saturday, March 5, 2011

without a worry

"What am I suppose to do about it?" Rex was a bit uneasy when Nick told him the news about Kelsey. "Has she lost her mind?" He winced. As it was, Rex was doing the best he could. He was working and waiting for Maria to decide on a place and time to get married. Until then, well, it was just dating. She'd made him go cold turkey on the rest of it. No sex.

"I can't seem to win." He shrugged as he unloaded the groceries he brought home. "I know you two, don't want me here. But Maria wants this big fancy church wedding."

"Its Maria's parents that want the big wedding." Nick clarified as he went to check if Rex brought home any surprises.

"Whatever." Rex was just tired he guessed. "I hardly see Owen as it is." He had never worked this hard in his life. It was as if the whole management position had fallen in his lap. Seriously, he wasn't ready for it. He had barely been an assistant manager at the grocery store. "I just want my own home, OK?"

"Believe me, I know that." Nick smiled. He looked at Rex then. "You know, if I wouldn't know better, I kind of think you envy Kelsey. Going on with her life, like this."

"They've got a houseful, already. One more baby to add, I dunno. Are they ready for something like that?" Granted, he thought Kelsey had changed. She was definitely a woman now. All he knew to do was to stay out of her way.


Natalie said...

glad to see an update here! It seems like it's been quite a while.. :)

ellie said...

Sorry about that. Just had to think about it.

E.L. said...

I love the header! & I do wonder if Rex is ready for marriage.