Tuesday, March 22, 2011

now that it snowed

It was more than the frightful weather out, that bothered Heath. No school.

He paced about, barefooted in his flannel pants. Why wasn't he in bed with Nick? He looked back at Nick, sound asleep. He didn't want to bother him. Of course, it wouldn't be the kind of bother that Nick could roll into.

He sat on the edge of the bed and bit his thumb nail. He looked at the damage. He couldn't remember the last time he did that. Really?

What was his sister up to? She said she wanted to come see him, yesterday ...then never showed up. It was like she wanted to talk, but then she didn't. Then the blizzard happened. At least, he knew she was at their parents. She'd broken up with her boyfriend. But then he found out what had happened. She'd had a trist of some sort with his old roommate, Roger. He was in shock. This wasn't suppose to happen to his little sister. She was suppose to be sweet and good, never lie..always. But she was real with real problems and he was worried about her. His mother was.

"What happened?" Nick rose up on his elbows then.

"Its just Amber." He looked back at him.

"Was she in a car accident or something?" Nick winced.

"Might as well been." Heath shrugged. "Roger has stooped to a new low."

"Roger?" Now Nick got up and sat next to him.

"Yeah, he's been fucking my little sister." Heath barely said under his breath. He felt Nick's warm hand on his back. He gave him a deep sigh.

"Its just, you know, I always thought Kyle would be good for her. He'd be all she'd ever need or want. He's like this person who was calm about any situation. He could fix things. He was devoted to her...And..and this happens. How does that happen?"

"We might never know." Nick whispered in his ear. "But its over. She's home. She's with your Mom. She'll be OK." Nick tugged at him. He kissed Heath under his ear. Nick's hand rested on Heath's tender waist.

Heath smiled. Why was he worried about Amber? Nick was right. They kissed then. Yeah, it was time to get back in bed and enjoy this snow day.


Natalie said...

It's good to hear from them! Heath certainly seems to have a lot on his plate to be worried about, unfortunately. :/ Hopefully Nick can keep his mind off of it.

a book of short stories said...

I do hope things are OK with school and Jack, too. What about Jack??

Lux and Stan said...

You definitely do need to write more on this story.

ellie said...

I'm just not sure anyone reads this, you know..but I'll try. Somehow.

lucy and sarah said...

You know I love Jack. Write more about him.

ellie said...

You know I love, Jack, too..its just..I'm stuck. Like how's he going to face this dude..

Lux and Stan said...

You'll think of something. You will.