Saturday, January 22, 2011

if only it could just be snow

Heath was trying to take this all in, about what had happened to Jack. He'd just gotten home from teaching.

"Did he tell you everything?" He wanted to know.

"No, not exactly." Nick sighed. He went on to let the dog out back so Doc could wrestle with the snow. He was all frisky. If only Heath had his energy. Heath had essays to read, papers to grade. It was never ending. And yes, more lesson plans to conjure up. If only he were a magician. But this about Ryan, shocked him.

"I dunno." He would have never thought of Ryan that. "Did he say..what exactly happened?"

"He leaves a lot to the imagination. I'd hate to know. Really." Nick licked his dry lips and went to check in the fridge for some leftovers they could heat up for dinner.

Heath kept his eye on the black lab in the white puffs of snow. He stared out the sliding glass that let out on the deck. It was interesting, getting lost in the fun his pet was having, dancing around as if this were the life. Not this dreadful past, he wasn't sure he wanted to know so badly about Jack. But really he did. He wanted to know. He wanted to know if Ryan were trouble. Real trouble.

And to think, he liked Ryan. He really did. He'd been a great co-worker, and even a friend.


Natalie said...

Haha, I wish I had the energy of our puppy, too... She goes about a zillion miles an hour and never seems to get tired! But yeah, hopefully Ryan isn't trouble or anything.

lucy and sarah said...

OH, I hope Ryan has changed.

Lux and Stan said...

Its hard not to jump to conclusions.

cait said...

Not an easy time for Heath or Jack.

meg said...

Oh, I'm sure Doc can relax them both. Hope they find out if Ryan is bad or what.

Through My Eyes said...

You never really think of a teacher's life outside of school, seems that Heath has a pretty interesting one. It really stinks that they are jumping to conclusions so quickly, but it is only human nature