Tuesday, January 4, 2011

here's to another year

Nick wasn't sure what the new year would bring. At least they made it through the holidays. Some good dinners with friends. It was good to see everyone a couple. No odd man out.

"You know, its a lot harder being married to you than I imagined." Nick finally confessed to Heath when they were alone. After all the gifts were put away, and they had the house to themselves. As it was, they'd bought each other the identical black pea-coat. Perhaps they were on the same page.

"What are you getting at?" Heath gave him a scowl that turned into a laugh as he poured them some red wine.

"You stress to much." Nick looked at him seriously. "Maybe teaching, just isn't for you." He took the wine from him and they sat together in the livingroom by the warm fire.

"I can't believe you said that." Heath looked at him. "Drama is my life."

"Yeah, you are the king of drama." Nick grinned.

"I can't help it." He sighed. "You can't hold that against me. You can't."

"I'm not." Nick smiled as he took Heath's hand. "I want you to succeed. I do. But I worry too. If you'll get ulcers or something bad from all this hard work you put into these productions."

"I'm just fine." Heath smiled.

"But you still need a check up. When did you last see a doctor?" Nick wanted to know.

"I got my flu shot." He shrugged.

"At Wal-greens." Nick sighed. "That's not exactly getting a check up."

"But I teach school. Do you know what a pain it is to get ready for a sub?" Heath sighed as he gave  Nick a long look. His fingers strayed through the hair that fell across Nick's eye. Heath bit his bottom lip.

"Fine, we'll both go." Nick suggested. "Besides, it a good time to start the new year right. Eat more healthy. Get fit." He took a sip of wine then. OK, maybe he'd just drink one glass wine on the weekends.

"You do all those things, Nick. You're healthy as horse." Heath told him. He smirked then.

"Quite. Possibly." Nick grinned as he snuggled closer to Heath. He kissed Heath on his neck.. Maybe he really didn't need this wine after all.


lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Nick still loves Heath a lot.

meg said...

Good, they are still there for each other.

Natalie said...

They are too sweet. I hope this means a good start for them for the new year.