Saturday, January 15, 2011

had enough

"I wish I had your job." Jack confessed to Nick. They were doing lunch at their regular spot. Except the power had gone out and they couldn't get their usual grilled onions and burger, but the roast beef sandwich smoothered in mashed potatoes and gravy. It was half cold and Jack could barely manage it.

"A lot of people tell me that." Nick gave Jack a sly grin. He sat there looking at the meal on a blue plate. He was about to attack it in full force.

"Well, you aren't having to deal with the cold and the snow as much as I am, but you know, I like that out door stuff." Even so he'd been doing a bit more custodial stuff, lately, yet, snow plowing was a big part of his day.

"So you think Kelsey can actually handle that job down at the courthouse?" Nick dug into the sandwich as if he wouldn't gag on it as Jack almost did.

"I guess. I told her not too, but you know, it works better if I tell her just the opposite ..what to do, I'm just never smart enough to do it."  Jack drank at his iced tea.

Miraculously, power spit through the place, for a moment or so. Then it went cold again. But the light radiated from the snow outside so it wasn't completely dark.

"You know, she wants me to talk to you." Jack reminded him. "And maybe ..maybe I should." Jack nodded. "But not here.." He caught his breath.

"Sure. Where ever you want to talk." Nick nodded.

"Its just..its the past, you know, and I-I want to forget it, but the thing is..this..this guy is a coach now, and..well, maybe I should tell Heath everything." Jack looked him in the eye then.

Nick cleared his throat and pushed his plate away. He stared back at Jack. Evidently, he'd had too much of that sandwich too.


meg said...

I love Jack.

It's a Girl said...

those sandwiches sound pretty gross...good luck with jack.

Natalie said...

Maybe Jack is right, and it would just be better to spill everything... less complicated perhaps