Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a change of season

Kelsey could sense something was wrong. It was in the pit of her stomach and she didn't think it was the flu.

Of course, they'd had a fuss about her not going to college. Jack kept harping that she might never go if she didn't go now.

"Then you'll wake up one day and say it was all my fault, because you didn't get a college education." His words stayed with her even if she were alone now, thinking she would take that job down at the courthouse that his Dad had got her to apply for. She'd show him. She would.

Naturally, she didn't want to leave Owen, yet she felt he'd be OK at the daycare. It would be hectic no matter what. On top of that, there was winter to think about. Cold wind chills and islands of vast snow. It was a depressing thought being out there in the cold in the country. But they had a family to take care of and Jack couldn't do it alone. She wanted to do her part.

It was true, she hadn't changed much. Kelsey was always set on what she wanted to do. She wanted the secretary job now, down at the court house. But Jack was being his usual indifferent self. She was certain something else was going on with him even if he swore there wasn't.

So when she got the call that she had to job, there was no celebration. Nothing fancy to wear. She pulled her hair back, found the slacks her Mom always wanted her to wear but never would and wore one of her white shirts that she thought she gave to Good Will and..of course, her snowboots.

It was a new year, and she had a set of old ladies to work with who didn't even know how to work a computer. She was sure she'd be lost in the establishment. But the first thing she found was the bathroom at work, and that's where she threw up.

She sat there all teary eyed. Somebody was outside asked if they needed to call anyone for her. She told them no, but she felt a little shakey. Goosebumps came over her, but it wasn't because she felt feverish. It was something else. Kelsey looked herself in the mirror as she patted her mascara in place. She sighed. This could possibly be a more healthy sign, than she knew.


Holly said...

Could it be what I think it is???

It's a Girl said...

Oh noo I think I know where this is headed, oh goodness kelsey.

meg said...

This looks like it could be trouble.

Natalie said...

Oh gosh, what is Kelsey going to get herself into this time?

Cait said...

I'm a bit worried about her.