Tuesday, December 14, 2010

until then

Jack wasn't too fond of having to see someone about his problem.

"You already knew I was broken, I don't even know why you're even here." There, he told Kelsey how it was in a nutshell.  Of course, she did marry him. It wasn't exactly something they could rewind and forget now.

"As if a lobotomy would fix you." She stomped away to fix something to eat in the kitchen. It was too cold to go anywhere or do anything. "You, need to talk about what ever it is, you can't talk about." She found some hamburger in the fridge and got the pot out. She was going to make chili.

"But, there is nothing to talk about." He wished he could fight her about it, but he had a feeling she'd win and as it was, they had Christmas to think about. They already had Elf on the Shelf out to make sure someone, Grady, was being good. Naturally, Kelsey told Jack he had to be good too. It was aggravating, but it kept them on their toes to mind their manners.

"You could talk to Nick." Kelsey attacked the meat with a spatula as it sizzled. "He's close." No telling how long nor where he'd have to go to talk to a psychiatrist of some kind.

"I don't want too." It gave Jack a slight raw shiver to bring up his past with anyone. "What if he tells my Dad?" He hated the thought of his Dad knowing what he'd kept hidden all this time.

"Nick would never do that. He would not judge you. If there is anyone who is easy to talk to, its Nick." Kelsey gave him a quick smile.

Jack felt nausea. He just didn't know where to begin. Why did he have too?


meg said...

Kelsey and her plans.

lucy and sarah said...

I dunno if he should.

Natalie said...

Awww haha, my aunt has one of those Elf On The Shelf things. They're cute. But, yeah, I think he should talk to Nick. Kelsey's right, I think.