Thursday, December 9, 2010

times up

"I don't know what's going on with them." Rex thought it might even be worse than he knew. He'd stayed over at Maria's. Seriously, he thought he'd moved in. But he guessed not. She did have clean laundry for him. And she'd set it all out as if he had go. Now. Rex squinted then thinking, this was the usual. Well, he wanted it to stop.

"I'm sure its not that serious." Maria sighed as if she'd made him some snacks to go with him. "You know, Heath has this big Christmas production. When its done, it'll all be back to normal." Maria smiled as if it were the end of story. She handed him over the cookies. She kissed him on the cheek.


"Now, scoot. Get home and do what ever you do." She gave him a serious look.

"But-but its four in the morning." Rex winced.

"I get a lot done this time of day." Well, that made one of them.

Rex nodded. Honestly, he felt he was out of loop, on so much. Everyone seemed to have someone, but him. OK, he was at Maria's, but it felt like a time clock, lately.

"I want to move in." He found himself saying.

"That wouldn't work out." She shook her head and went back to getting her kitchen in order.

"How do you know, it wouldn't?" He watched her. What did she want him to do? And then he hit him. Or was it the fact she was humming a very familiar tune..something about put a ring on it.

Rex slightly choked. It was like the warranty had expired or something. She was really going to make Christmas shopping really hard for him this year.


natalie said...

Oh Rex, he must be feeling pretty mixed up about all this. That's true, Maria isn't exactly making things too easy!

meg said...

poor Rex, left out in the cold.

ivy said...

Its terrible being left out in the cold, like that.

molly said...

Oh, they can't break up. Can they?