Monday, December 20, 2010

think not to wish it

"So Its not Scrooge? It THE GRINCH?" Maria questioned Heath that night at the theater.

"Not exactly." Heath didn't know how to explain. "Its a Christmas story."

"OK." She was laughing at him. He could see that. A bit of him was furious. She thought this was just silly, didn't she? "Its kind of confusing." She winced.

"Well, the choir knew the Grinch songs." What was he suppose to do. True, it wasn't exactly Dickens, but it wasn't Dr. Seuss, either...except for the songs. Jesus, it wasn't Broadway. Heath had done the best he could. They'd add libbed with ghost of girlfriends past.

He had a crowd to please. And everyone came because the new coach was in it. They were selling chunks of German chocolate cake at five bucks a pop at the concessions. Loads of money was to be had, and he had three shows to milk it, for all it was worth. He felt a little bad that it wasn't exactly perfect, but not really. "Its an original." He smiled then as if that would have to do.

"That it is." She kept smiling as she flashed her hand around. Finally, Heath caught a look at it.

"When did this happen?" He grinned as he took a long look at the splendid oval diamond. Now Heath was really laughing. This was the best Christmas present he could think of. Rex would be moving out soon enough. "It is from Rex, isn't it?" If it wasn't, he'd truly be disappointed.


Natalie said...

Whoa whoa whoa, what a splendid Christmas present indeed!

simon and josh said...

So funny about the musical too. He just combined them together..huh? Hahahaa

Anonymous said...

Amazing story! I love it! Im about to read all your blog, because! Keep it up.!

Have a nice day! xxVaivaxx

Holly said...

Wow, I'm glad they are engaged!