Saturday, December 18, 2010

on the hunt

Maria was looking at the different e-readers with Rex. They were out Christmas shopping. She felt a tad guilty, but she really wanted to splurge on herself, and since no one else was...well, a kindle would be nice. She definitely would not tell her parents about it. As it was they wanted her to be more giving. Why hadn't she found her a church yet? Shouldn't she be singing at Christmas Mass?

"Why would you need one?" It was a simple question from Rex, but she didn't want to hear it.

"Why not? I could put my whole library on one simple thing." She told him.

"But what if it crashed?" He looked at the readers, then looked back at her.

"Its cheaper than an iPad." She hugged herself then. Why couldn't this be simple? What was he here for?

Finally, they went out into the mall, and he eyed something at the jewelry place. He pointed. All she saw was gold. She hesitated, trying not to get her hopes up. But there it was, a pretty diamond ring. Lots of them. All shapes and sizes. He put his arm around her to guide her in. But someone called to him before they could take a serious look at the wedding ring designs.

Rex turned.

"I thought that was you." Some young woman was all smiles. She was on crutches, and even wore, pregnant, but it wasn't stopping her. She looked to be fine in the handicap boots she was wearing.

"Hey," Rex was all smiles. Before he could introduce Maria, the young woman was asking about their baby.

"I'm so sorry I never got back to you, its been really a tough year. But I want to see him. I do. I think its great you have a son now. And you-" She looked Maria over. "Wow, you don't look like you even had a kid."

Maria just smiled. Not sure what to say, looking at Rex to get them out of the situation.

"Lisa, this is Maria." It was a bit awkward. "Kelsey is the one who had the baby."

Lisa just stared at Maria then Rex. She was quiet then. "Well, Merry Christmas." She said quickly enough. As it was, she didn't think Lisa was going to introduce her husband, but he introduced himself. Soon enough they were gone.

"Should I be worried?" Maria felt as if she'd met one Rex's ghost from the past.

"No." But he was so quiet. "Lets look at rings, OK?" He pulled out his credit card then.


Natalie said...

Hmmm, that was definitely an interesting exchange. I wonder if Maria is right to be a bit concerned.

lucy and sarah said...

awkward moment.

simon and josh said...

really hope he comes clean about Lisa.