Thursday, December 16, 2010

just a possibility

Kelsey brought the left over chili to Nick.

"Its kid friendly, and I know it won't give Heath an ulcer." She told him.

"He doesn't have an ulcer?" Nick put the chili away in the kitchen. He put on the kettle for some hot cocoa.

"I just thought he might. You know, he gets kind of weird with all his drama stuff." Kelsey shrugged. of course, she had Owen with her in his baby carrier. He was so bundled up from the cold. She got him out of his arm covers and hugged him so he cold look at the kitchen and Nick.

"Did you guys come over to see Rex?" Nick smiled at the baby and took Owen's little fingers to get a closer look at them.

"No." She showed no emotion, but Rex was the last person she wished to see. "Its about Jack."

"Jack?" Nick almost winced with a laugh. "What did he do this time?"

"He needs somebody to talk to. I know you're not a professional or anything, but if you could just listen. You're a good listener."

Nick agreeded with that.

"I want to know what it is, I do, but I can't make him tell me." She was serious. "I just know it happened when he was young. Maybe a priest abused him or something."

"You're kind of scaring me." Nick winced.

"It has to be something like that. It has to be." Kelsey sighed.

"OK." Nick took the baby then. He wanted to see his nephew. He touched Owen's tummy. Kelsey went to fix the cocoa. She thought then, it might be time for Owen to spend some time with Rex, but she wanted Nick around if it were going to happen.


better days said...

I love the way Kelsey talks about Heath.

Holly said...

Thats nice of Kel to want Rex to spend time with their son.

Natalie said...

Kelsey can be quite thoughtful, can't she.