Sunday, December 12, 2010


It was getting close. But Heath found someone. At least the coach knew  his lines. And well, everyone seemed to love the new coach, Ryan.

Heath had lucked out. He wasn't sure how it might go over, but it seemed everyone was embracing the arts during the holidays. And there was Ryan to the rescue.

"You must have acted before." Heath said half way giddy. Of course, he stopped what he was saying and just looked at Ryan. They were in the Teacher's Lounge. Heath almost choked, hoping Ryan didn't think he was coming on to him. He really wasn't. As it was, he was thinking what to get Nick for Christmas. Possibly, just being there for Nick might be the best offer at the moment.

At least, he had the star of the show. And that helped the most. Maria had naturally fallen through on helping him, at all. Perhaps it was best she didn't meet this Coach Ryan of the football team. She might drop Rex all-together. Seriously, it would be a nice Christmas present if they got Rex to move in with Maria. See, he wasn't entirely thinking about the musical.

Thankfully, choir knew all the Grinch songs. It was going to work.

Then he saw Ryan practically devouring most of the cheeseball that someone had brought. A kick into reality.

"Really, every day of my life is an acting job for me." Ryan said munching on a cracker full of nuts and cheese.

Heath grimaced. How ever could he tell him, to watch that girlish figure of his?


ivy's closet said...

Its hard to spot talent on the local scene. I guess.

lucy and sarah said...

hahaha..I thought the last line was funny!

It's a Girl said...

haha girlish figure :D