Thursday, November 4, 2010

where there is bliss

Kelsey closed her eyes. Was she dreaming?

Usually, she'd been in a dream when he kissed her before. He was so different in bed. Yes, there was a time, she did wonder what he was like when he was little and how his mother must have seen him. She really hoped some day she'd have a little boy exactly like him. Was that what made her love him?

It wasn't like it happened over night. And yes, maybe they'd made this deal. I'll be there for you if you're there for me. She knew this had all been about Grady and the fact he hated to see her alone and pregnant. And maybe she'd moved in as if she owned the place. And, and she liked being with him.

The first time he held her during the night, she wasn't thinking it would go anywhere. She had been half asleep. He looked asleep. And it was so warm. She didn't know if it were real at first. But it happened. They'd had sex in the middle of the night. It was strange yet amazingly brilliant.

But then he never talked about it. Didn't say a word. It was like hot and cold with him. She didn't say anything. She didn't really want to bring it up. Who knew, it might not have really happened, but by the third or forth time. She got it. Maybe it was like sleepwalking. But it was sex. Was kind of like a dance. And she'd feel foolish later. He'd be oblivious to the whole ordeal.

And now. This kiss. Was he awake? Totally awake? Was she awake? She kissed him back, and they walked down the street. She saw some doctor's offices. It was like a sign. The OBGYN.

"Maybe I should get birth control." She decided.

"What for?" He winced.

"You know, just because." She shrugged. She didn't want to breast feed all that much longer. As it was Owen would have eaten pudding, beans and bread if he had a chance, but he was just an infant.

"Why would you?" He was all smiles. It was as if he didn't get it.

"Two kids is plenty." She assured him.

"But you don't have to." Jack shrugged.

"All right." Kelsey looked at him as if maybe he wanted to start their own family. She guessed it was better sooner than later. She guessed.


better days said...

Looks like it could be love.

ivy's closet said...

I so wonder what this means..actually.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope he means it. really.

meg said...

Huh. I do wonder if Jack knows what he's doing in his sleep?????

natalie said...

Whoa, I have to say that's sorta strange...