Thursday, November 18, 2010

we're the only ones

Rex had all the time in the world to stay in Maria's bed. As it was, he knew he wasn't missed at Heath and Nick's. It was nice to be with Maria. He just couldn't help but not be there. She did make everything quite cozy. And she made really good egg burritos, too.

As it was though, Maria was all ready for school. He wasn't that fond of her school teacher mode. Well, maybe a little, She wore her hair in a long braid. Even if she wasn't trying to look sexy in her plain dark shirt d with that stern gray sweater...well, she looked pretty damn good to him.

"I dunno if we should keep doing this." She hugged herself then.

"What? Me, sleeping over.' He didn't get that vibe earlier when she was sleeping next to him.

"People, might start to think-"

"What? You pick up guys at grocery stores?" That made Rex laugh.

"Its a small town, and, you know, they get so nosy, and all. I-I should be going out on proper dates and..."

"What? What are you talking about?" He guessed it was time for him to go. She'd wanted the bed made so perfectly.

"Somebody set me up on a date." She told him.

"And you didn't tell them? You were already seeing someone?" He didn't get it. Of course, he did need to find his undies and clothes on the floor.

"I couldn't. Look, its nothing. But still-" She caught her breath.

"Look, you know I'll be back." He reminded her with a quick kiss. "We're OK? Right?"

Only Maria didn't have an answer for him.


natalie said...

Maria seems pretty unsure of this. I have a feeling Rex might be disappointed.

meg said...

Rex might not be that good in bed.