Friday, November 26, 2010

some Thanksgiving

Thank God, Kelsey thought, since she wasn't the one cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It was all so cordial. Even seeing Maria and Rex at Nick's dinner party. She wasn't sure where Heath was.

At least, Jack wasn't the main subject. As it was, he was rather subdued. Naturally, his dad had suggested therapy. Of course, she was the one who had to tell his Dad what his problem was. Sleepsex. There is was. Plain and simple. She looked it up on google. It had some fancy name, Parasomnias but that's what it was.

It would have been nice if Jack knew what he was doing. Of course, what if it wasn't as good? Actually, he was all clumsy now around her. She thought he was practically going to lock himself in his room.

"Well! Its my room too." She insisted in her little tantrum the night before. As it was. Nothing happened last night. But he'd been upset. And she knew he wanted to tell her something, but he wouldn't. It was frustrating. Even so, she'd told him she loved him, and really she'd felt close to him last night. She just wasn't so sure about right now. He looked as if he was not in a good mood. Just Mr. Silent now.

Kelsey though, was not going to let it get her down. She'd been all chummy with Maria. Yet, things looked not so hot with Maria and Rex, either.

"What happened?" She got Maria off in one of the bedrooms when she went to change Owen's pamper.

"Oh, its nothing." Maria was hardly smiling.

"But-" Kelsey frowned back. "Look, I like you. And-and I think you're good for Rex. I do. And, well, I dunno if I'd want just anybody around Owen ..when, you know, Rex is suppose to have him." She looked back at Owen, knowing the day was coming. She was going to have to share him with Rex.

"I'm sure Rex is going to be great with him." Maria smiled as she touched Owen's soft dark hair.

Kelsey shook her head as if she might cry if she looked at him long enough. "I dunno. I don't want anything from Rex, really. I'd hate for him to think of me everytime he see's Owen." She knew the baby looked more like her than Rex. "I'd hate for Rex to want to hurt him, you know."

"He would never hurt Owen." Maria slightly winced.

"Yeah, because you're around." Kelsey let Owen kick to his content on his back. She really didn't want to worry about Rex. She had enough to deal with, with Jack.


better days said...

some interesting revelations here.

ivy said...

I'm sure these are trying times for Kelsey.

natalie said...

I would hope that he would never hurt Owen. I don't think he would though.

izzy and dev said...

a very sad thought, indeed.