Saturday, November 20, 2010

round and around and round

Maria went with her planned date to Heath's play. It was the perfect opportunity to test out the waters in the dating world. She had a fine candidate that was as the principal said, Husband Quaility. Of course, that alone did not appeal to Maria. And she thought Cam was just not for her. He looked like the guy on those commercials who kept saying he was a PC. Why couldn't cam be the other guy, Justin Long?

He was a few years older. Definitely set in his bachelor ways. All right, she'd have to face the fact he was almost forty. It felt like a prison sentence.

Oh well, she dragged him all the way to the play. He didn't seem to mind. She'd use him, just this one time, and forget about ever going out with him. Afterall, she was here to support Heath and the arts. And it was artsy. The set design was just stunning. Costumes too. Actors did their part on cue. It was a fine production. But when she saw Heath, he was a bundle of nerves.

She didn't drag Cam behind the scenes.

"It was great!" She smiled all over. What did he have to worry about? Nick was there. A few friends from back at the university. It was a good night for him. Of course, he was still in director mode. He shook her hand, acting like he hardly knew who she was.

This put her off.

"Why don't you guys come by the house, on the way home." Nick offered coffee and cake.

"Oh." Maria didn't know if that were a good idea. What if she saw Rex? But it was late. And Cam liked the sound of that. So she was hoping she might really get to talk to Heath then. Of course, she had a feeling he could care less about who she was dating and why.

And she was exactly right. He was still hyper. Questioning everyone about acoustics. Did they notice who didn't know their lines well enough. Thankfully, he was drinking a bottle of water while everyone else was chowing down on cheese cake and coffee.

"So what do you think?" She wondered what he thought of Cam. Was he too old for her? He was a principal at a school she didn't work at.

"I can't think. Really." He was jittery, pacing in the kitchen. "I have SCROOGE to think about. The musical. I can't believe they'd throw this at me so suddenly. "They think I can have it on stage by the 10th of next month!" He looked so frantic.

"A musical?" Maria looked at him blankly. "Who do they think you are? Your a robot?" She joked.

"NO, its if I want any money for my drama department, I have to do it myself." He bit his upper lip.

"Look, I'll help you." She found herself coming to his rescue. Anything to get away from Cam. She couldn't even stand his breath. But one thing she knew for sure, it really was all about Heath. She knew now all that mattered was teaching, directing, drama. How in the world did Nick live with him?


lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad she's figured him out.

meg said...

She better stop wishing his colors will change..because they won't. I'm glad she's figured him out. Funny, she feels bad for Nick now.

ori said...

Its good she knows he's not perfect.

better days said...

I love Heath, but he can be too hyper, sometimes.

izzy and dev said...

Well, he's got life to deal.

Cait said...

Maybe Maria is growing up. Well, maturing.

natalie said...

"He looked like the guy on those commercials who kept saying he was a PC." I liked that line, haha. But yeah, they both definitely have a lot to think about.