Tuesday, November 16, 2010

no exeption

Nick had never seen Heath this wound up. OK, maybe it was slowly happening and he just didn't realize it, until now. But he knew Heath shouldn't be this crazy over his first theater production at school.

"You're gonna do fine. I have faith in you." Nick was beginning to think Heath just didn't have faith in himself. Nick's fingers came around Heath's face then. He drew him in for a kiss.

"I don't have time. Really." Heath pulled away.

"Fine. I've got things to do too." Nick looked at him, wanting to touch him more. But after all, they both had to get to work.

"Really? Like what?" Heath wanted to know. Finally.

"They don't have a young adult librian anymore, where I used to work." Nick shrugged.

"Well, what are you suppose to do about it?" Heath winced. "That's like well over an hour away, isn't it? You aren't going to work for them? Are you?"

"No." Nick winced. "They just want me to help sit in on interviews. That's all. I have an old school friend who just moved back. I thought I might see if he's interested. I was going to see him, after I got off work."

"Well? Who is this?" Heath's face tensed as he backed away to jerk on some dress pants and dark T. He pulled a light weight sweater over his head.

"Its nobody, really." Nick couldn't help but almost laugh.

"Oh really?" Heath was being serious.

"Its Elliot's cousin." Nick told him.

"Elliot?" Heath winced.

"He married Amanda." Nick explained.

"I don't know them, that well." Heath acted as if he wished he had more friends then. He got on his shoes and gray suit jacket. It was a bit mismatched, but a cool vibe, non the less.

"I haven't seen Asa in forever. Like middle school. I think. I dunno. I didn't go to school with him. My parents went to a church that his Dad pastured."

"A preacher's son?" Heath picked up a dark scarf  from the closet then and wrapped it around his neck. Just to unwind it as if it were a bit much.

"Oh, you make it sound as if he's wild one or something." Nick chuckled. "Actually, he's a missionary. And he's fluent in Spanish."

"What's he doing back?" Heath winced then. Nick put the scarf back around Heath's neck once more. And reached for the black fedora then.

"I dunno. Guess he wanted a break." Nick shrugged. Nick stepped back and looked Heath over. Yeap, he had the part. Very sophisticated. He hoped he wasn't yelling at the kids too much in that play.


ivy's closet said...

I hope Heath isn't to high strung..but its good for Nick to see how Heath really is now, unlike last year at this time when they were away from each other and what Heath was going through, alone.

simon and josh said...

I hope Heath gets through this production.