Tuesday, November 30, 2010

maybe so

Heath was trying to keep to himself or he knew he'd drive Nick crazy with this musical he had to put together. It was actually making him ill. But he wouldn't dare admit that.

It didn't help much that a windy snow blew in. It was cold, but a dry snow. Still, it made his skin all rough and possibly, he was coming down with something. Yet, he was determined to get through this. Even if he knew he was no help at Thanksgiving.

"Can't you find anyone?" Nick told him he had doubts if they'd still be together if this was always the way it would be. Nick claimed he was a workaholic.

"You are joking, right?" Heath didn't have time to get in a squabble with him. This was work. He had a job to do. Of course, the more they talked, it became an argument.

"You think you're job is more important than mine!" Nick scolded as they were trying their best to get to work.

"How many times are we going to discuss this?" Heath snapped. He left in a grumble. But as he drove, he had to wonder if it were him becoming the real Scrooge. And then it came to him. He couldn't bother a kid learning lines as Scrooge. He needed a grownup. Maybe he'd take the lead role himself.


ivy said...

Love then new header. I hope they aren't headed for trouble.

Holly said...

cool, you changed the header. Oh..what will we ever do with Heath???

natalie said...

Yeah, I like the header too! Tom Felton... :D

Hopefully Heath can get out of this funk in time for the holidays and his musical and all.