Monday, November 8, 2010

the little things mean a lot

Rex wished he could tell Heath that he wanted to marry Maria. He thought he did. But he hadn't brought it up because he didn't want to scare her. She'd been really nice about the whole Kelsey situation. It hadn't scared her away. A part of her wanted to get to know Owen more, but of course, that hadn't happened yet. Rex hadn't found the nerve to ask Kelsey if he could have Owen for the weekend, alone.

"I'm very fond of her." Rex shrugged. Well, it was a whole lot more than that. She was quite a cook and other things. He would do his best to paint a sweet picture of her. Of them. It could be that. It was more than a one night stand. It could be a life. It was just still so uneasy now. Rex still needed to save money. The best he could give his brother and his partner right now was to bring home the groceries. He could do that. And he did. It wasn't like he was sponging off of them completely.

Of course, he wondered the same of Maria. If that's what she thought. Not that he asked. He just wished he could take her places. Out of town. This was a small town. And people talked.

"Why don't you call her. See if she wants to come over to night. I'll heat up the stew. Maybe put in some extra veggies. It won't be fantastic. But you know." Heath shrugged as if he were trying.

"And we could have wine." It was cold and in the fridge. Rex smiled. Yeah, they could all get along. Some how.

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