Friday, November 12, 2010

just saying

"I could have told him that." Kelsey had Owen sleeping in one arm and was eating a chicken salad sandwich in the other while she was sitting in her kitchen with Nick.

"Really? How?" Nick slightly laughed, wondering how Kelsey could juggle all this. And now to hear Grady was actually Jack's kid.

"Its the eyes. And the mouth." She told him.

"But you know, maybe he just picked up Jack's mannerisms." Nick shrugged as he stuffed another chip in his mouth.

"No, he's Jack's. He is." She nodded.

"Still can't believe he just, didn't know." Nick sighed.

"Well, people black out when they drink." Kelsey reminded him of someone they'd gone to high school with who always blacked out at parties. "I always thought, how convenient, but there are lot weird things people do when they get drunk. Who knows, I'm sure she wanted to have sex with him."

"I see. Guess, you've taken care of that one now." Nick gave her a sly look.

"Maybe." She wasn't saying though. Specifically.

"That's great." Nick tried to keep from grinning. It was just from the way Olivia talked, she thought Kelsey had a pretty much unromantic marriage. That it was just mainly a family with his kid and her kid and that was it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Kelsey remained even lip. Nick wasn't sure why this was bothering him, exactly. He knew it was none of his business.

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natalie said...

I'd say that is pretty impressive of Kelsey to juggle all of this at once! I don't think I could :P