Tuesday, November 2, 2010

in motion

OK, they'd kissed twice. Jack felt a little naked now with out a kid to hold or tend to. He was out on a date with Kelsey.

Amber and Kyle were spending the night with the kids. It was really strange. Honestly, he didn't think Kelsey could be away from Owen that long. He wasn't sure if he could be away from Grady that long. It was weird. Here they were getting lost in a parking garage. They'd played around with the elevator and now he supposed they'd be late for their dinner reservation.

"What?" They were holding hands. They'd held hands before. Sure, it might have been for show. But he'd seen just about every part of her. It wasn't like it couldn't happen. They did sleep together.

"Nothing." She just looked at him as if she wasn't sure it was a have to moment. Like maybe they were too close, but he didn't let go. He wasn't pretending.

"We should do this more. We really should." He told her. They walked together out on the cool night. Lights everywhere. Couples here and there. All so much closer than the two of them.

Kelsey just nodded. She was being quiet. Jack didn't want to talk about the past few months or the kids. But there was really nothing to talk about. It was as if they were strangers now. Jack looked up and saw the new moon. Big and full as if Halloween had created it and left it as an afterthought. Jack caught his breath. He turned to her. He wanted to know her kiss. He thought he did. It wasn't like he kissed her before work or even good night. He kind of wanted to, but he hadn't want to put any pressure on this situation, either. But somehow, he wanted to do this before it was too late. Was it to late?

He pressed close. The emotion was inside. It might not have been the thoughts of what anyone else would have on their mind, but he did like having her around. He did appreciate what had become of them even if he didn't think he could believe it. But one hand went to her cheek. The other to her hip. Some how he knew she might never be really his, but he wanted to be her's. He did. He just had to show her.

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better days said...

I like that last part. Really.