Sunday, November 14, 2010

here, there. everywhere

"Just shut up about Jack." Heath looked at Nick point blank. He was stressed out. Completely. Rehearsals ran late every night. Sometimes, he didn't get home until almost 2 a.m.. Heath just wanted the show to be perfect.

He didn't have time for this Jack stuff. He needed to show that he knew what he was doing. As it was, he had about one kid who knew how to build sets. Then of course, the girl who wanted to watch the kid build sets. No one even knew how to paint in the cast. Props would go missing. Yes, he had to enforce the Nazi prop mistress what to do. So many things to juggle. He wasn't sure if he were making heads or tails. And he'd hate to disgrace anything. After all it was Shakespeare.

"Sorry." Nick had to make all the meals of late. No more, late Saturday mornings to themselves. Not even Sundays. "Is it always going to be like this?" Nick asked point blank.

"What?" Heath was going through a pile of clean clothes looking for matching socks. Really, couldn't Nick pair socks up? Didn't he have the time? Even during GLEE? "What do you mean?"

"Its like, this is all you care about. You. Nobody else." Nick gave him a glare as he packed him dinner after school. Other wise, he might forget to eat.

"No. You don't get it. I - I have to make this...AMAZING." That was all he could manage to say about this production. He'd gone over so much of finding the emotion for this show with the cast. He just hope they didn't see it as overacting now. But when you were on stage, you just had to make it big. Think big. He kept reminding himself.

"Just slow down." Nick grabbed his shoulders then, to keep him still. Heath was just in his underwear after all. He hoped he didn't forget to get dressed.


better days said...

Poor Heath. I feel for him. I like that about the nazi prop mistress.

meg said...

Well, Heath has a lot to deal with.