Saturday, November 6, 2010

getting on with things

Heath couldn't believe work wasn't a headache yet. Perhaps it had to do with having at least a full-fledged teaching year behind him, had helped. OK, it might not have been completely full, but still, enough. Enough to stay one step ahead of the bad ones and good enough to encourage the sweet ones. He pretty much liked this teaching gig.

Maybe that's why he decided he'd make homemade bread. He'd always wanted to.

But there was Rex still with them at home, in the kitchen with him now while Nick, was off walking the dog. It surprised Heath, still to think of Rex with Maria.

"So what does this mean? Exactly?" Heath had Rex cornered about the matter.

"That we're seeing each other."

Heath gave him a sly grin. He knew this was no Mayberry/Andy Griffith kind of matter. He just didn't trust Rex. A part of Heath wanted Rex to hurry up and move out to be with Maria while another part didn't want to see Maria get hurt, either.

"So, you two are just dating?" Heath wish he could ask the question, but he couldn't.

"Yeah, that's-that's what it is." Rex shrugged with a slight smile.

"You aren't-" Heath winced.


"She, the rebound?" Heath started to slice the homemade bread he'd just let cool from the oven. For once it was perfect. He'd never had bread machine bread worth eating. He'd done this all by hand.

"No." Rex winced.

"I just-I just don't want to see her get hurt." Heath then said. It was true. He knew she deserved better than Rex. What had Rex ever done to make her want to be with him?


Anna G said...

You really know how to explain really good and make these stories! :P

meg said...

Oh, Heath can be sweet. I think. I think he's a caring person.