Tuesday, October 12, 2010

too many questions

"What are you saying?" Nick set down the hot bowl of stew in front of Heath at the kitchen table. "Maria moved here, because of you?" Nick set down with his and dipped a biscuit in the beefy broth and took a bite.

"No." Heath slightly scowled as he buttered his biscuit. "I'm just saying it was weird seeing her at the grocery store."

"But you think she still wants you?" Nick couldn't help but grin. "You're still haute."

"Stop it. No. I'm - I'm just wondering why she left out there. You know, I mean, did something happen?" He shrugged as he took in a spoonful of carrots and green beans.

"Did you ask her?" Nick looked up at Heath who seemed to want to concentrate on the stew instead of this talk about Maria.

He shook his head, no. "Where is Rex, by the way?" Heath then asked.

"Worked late, I guess. Maybe he went to see the baby." Nick didn't know. He went ahead and enjoyed the meal. He finished up with a glass of milk. The nights had more of chill, lately. It was really fall. "We should go apple picking."

"OK." Heath drank the rest of his milk too.

"We should make an apple pie." Nick decided.

"No, lets just buy a carmel apple pie when we go to the apple orchard." Heath's idea.

"Then whats the point of picking apples?" Nick went to clean up then.

"You always have to find a point to everything, don't you?" Heath informed him as he followed him to the sink.

"What's your point?" Nick turned to him then.

"Ha ha ha." Heath rested his hand on Nick's lanky waist. They kissed longingly then. All was quiet. It was definitely a good feeling to be home. Together.


meg said...

hahaha..what's your point..hehehe.

natalie said...

oh my gosh, all this talk of stew and chili and biscuits and apple pie is making me so hungry. i love fall though. them going apple picking together would be so cuuuute

ivy said...

That would be sweet to see. Apple picking.

simon and josh said...

I love their conversation too.

Panda! said...

lol, 'whats your point?'