Wednesday, October 20, 2010

out of the ordinary

Kelsey Mom had warned her that she'd hate living in the country. All alone. And in a trailer house. They could just blow away. Normally, she didn't think about it. But it was just her and Owen. Alone. A lot lately. And when a car drove up. Well, Kelsey wasn't going to answer the door. They were locked up pretty tight. She had her cell. She was about to text Jack who did check in with her once an hour like clock work. But when she knew it was Olivia, she opened the door.

"What are you doing here?" She was surprised that Olivia had came alone. She was mainly Nick and Heath's friend. Not hers, but they were in the same circle. She brought food from the grocery store. Roasted chicken and mashed potatoes along with a salad.

"I know." She winced. "I should have called. Just this last minute thing. Had the day off. And I just wanted to see the baby." She promised.

Kelsey watched Olivia make herself home in the kitchen.

"Have you eaten?" She asked.

"No." She shrugged, wondering if she remembered breakfast. She was so tired, but she managed to do a little housework when Owen would sleep.

"So, how's married life?" Olivia grinned as she got the plates set out and the food ready for them on the plates.

"I haven't had time to think about it." Kelsey shrugged as if Olivia could quickly figure out that she'd married Jack because she wanted to get away from, everything.

"When do you think you'll go to college?" Olivia seemed concern about it.

"I dunno." She shrugged. It wasn't like Jack was keeping her from it. If she wanted to go, she was sure he was all right with it. Kelsey yawned then. At least Owen was in his crib asleep.

"You know Owen looks so much like you." Olivia assured her then.

"Is that good or bad?" Kelsey wondered as she dug into the mashed potatoes and gravy.

"You know its good." Olivia smiled back. She asked questions about Jack and Grady. She talked a little about her boyfriend Ravi and all the classes he was taking at the university. "Do you still want to go there?"

"Maybe." Kelsey had other things on her mind though. Of course, the baby. Her life with Jack. Sometimes, he made her think he was glad she was here, other times, she wondered if she were just in the way.

Olivia stayed the afternoon. She played with Owen. Helped with his bath. Folded laundry. She missed having company.

"So just what do you newlyweds do for fun?" Olivia asked so slyly.

Kelsey looked at her wide-eyed, thinking it was none of her business.

"Maybe you'd like to have my old copy of this." Olivia got out a battered copy of  Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.

"What's it for?" Kelsey didn't get it.

"Its just something silly Ravi and I do. We read random lines of it to each other. You know, give it your sexiest voice. Its hilarious." She shoved it to Kelsey. "We're finished with this one."

"You're telling me? You're turning Jane Austen into smut?" Kelsey laughed softly.

"Kind of. I guess." Olivia shrugged. Kelsey sighed. She couldn't imagine getting Jack to read one line out of this book.


lucy and sarah said...

hahahaa..that is interesting about Olivia and Ravi.

Holly said...

That's sweet of olivia.

Panda! said...

thats so nice.

meg said... thats what Olivia and Ravi are up too.