Friday, October 22, 2010

like the futue was supposed to be

"I dunno why we are going to all this trouble." Heath snacked on celery sticks while Nick was putting the finishing touches on dinner for the party. They were expecting guests any minute. "You know this whole set up is just an act. Jack's helping her out and she's helping him. That's all there is to it."

"Just shut up. Don't start that. OK? This is a happy time. Got it." Nick gave him a glare.

"I know." Heath winced. "Promise. I am keeping my mouth shut. I will."

"You better." Nick had everything in place. Just then Rex came in with someone. Heath looked at Nick who looked at the mystery guest. It was Maria.

Heath couldn't help but give her a glare. "What are you doing here?" Heath almost choked on his celery stick.

"Rex invited me." She smiled. All comfy with one arm around his arm. It was just weird. What kind of game was this? Thought Heath.

"Is there a problem?" Rex looked at Heath then Nick. "Its OK if I have a date, isn't it?"

"Sure." Nick said right away but looked at Heath.

"I didn't- knew each other." Heath shrugged. "It was just a surprise. That's all." He gave them a weak grin. Things were getting more interesting by the minute. The door bell rang. The group was here that Nick and Heath used to room with.


better days said...

Oh, Heath. My favorite.

holly O said...

Heath must be shocked.

meg said...

wow, so unexpected for Heath.

natalie said...

hmmm. definitely some unexpected guests! this could get crazy.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

really took a turn