Sunday, October 31, 2010

just the trick

Nick had the Halloween party to tend to at the library. Yes, they were open for a young adult party.

He was sort of in a bad mood with Heath. He told him he didn't have to help. He had Jack to help get the tables set up, and he was out looking for the punch bowl.

"Do you think you and Rex will get along?" Nick found himself asking. Jack was holding a bit fat plastic spoon. He was holding it as if he hadn't any idea what it was for.

"Guess so." Jack didn't seem to have a clue what he was getting at.

Jack went back to the closet to find some tape. Nick followed him.

"Heath seems to think you're a big fake, or something." Nick tried to laugh it off.

"I always thought I was a better actor than he was." Jack just grinned.

"You know, this..this marriage with Kelsey." Nick winced.

"Well, it feels like one." Jack nodded.

"I thought so." Nick agreed, knowing he better shut up about it. He walked away and thought of what Jack said. Maybe Jack was the better actor.


meg said...

so interesting. really. I like that about the 'actor'.

ivy said...

I do wonder about Jack.

Holly said...

Could Jack be the better actor?

natalie said...

Hmmm, things are seeming kinda tense. I guess we'll see what's in store.

Panda! said...

interesting..makes you think about jack.