Sunday, October 24, 2010

getting the grove back

Rex wasn't sure if he should even be here, but after he told Maria everything about Kelsey and the baby, she was the one who told him he had to be there.

"But, won't it be awkward." Rex winced even minutes before they got there.

"We've been over this a thousand times. You just have to get over it know, climbing on a bike for the first time or something." She seemed quite happy. Even now, he could see her beaming. And he tried to imitate her smile the best he could. Perhaps they were a couple. A real couple. Not one of the of those one night stands that they could have been. Not that he'd mention that at the moment. As it was he was listening to Maria tell Heath that she'd met Rex in the grocery store.

"This guy knows mangoes." She informed him. Rex thought he might lose his smile, but soon enough there were a crowd of people. Most he didn't know, but there were no grownups. He could have really used a stiff drink about now, but all Nick had was punch. A non alcoholic party. Rex wasn't quite sure he was cut out for this kind of thing.

And then Kelsey and Jack made an arrival with the kids. Acually, Jack had both of them. He was carrying Grady and the baby-carrier. Kelsey went on and on how tired she was, but really she looked rather normal. Her hair in one long braid, just in jeans and a peasant top. She mingled a bit, finally there she was and Rex introduced Maria to Kelsey.

No smirks. Yet she acted as if she hardly knew him and maybe thats the way it was suppose to be.


lucy and sarah said...

he knows his mangos..hehee

better days said...

That cracked me up too.