Thursday, October 28, 2010


Kelsey was more shocked that people wanted to see where she and Jack lived. Hopefully, no one came to visit. But Kyle and Amber really sounded as if they would.

"So you two better be ready for us, some weekend." Amber told her. "We'll come out and babysit for you so you two can go out. That's about the only gift I can offer at the moment." Kelsey looked at Jack who gave this little impish smile and shrug of his as if he were OK with it.

Of course, she couldn't imagine where they'd go. They hadn't exactly had a honeymoon. And she wasn't expecting one. It would just be strange if they didn't have kids around.

"We can wait on it. Maybe the spring." Kelsey told her. "You've got classes, and Owen and I are pretty attached at the moment." She guessed no one wanted to hear about breastfeeding.

"Come on, you guys could go see a movie, if nothing else." Amber told her. Kelsey couldn't think what might even be showing.

She looked at Jack. They had done everything backwards. But maybe they were family. It never occurred to Kelsey that she had so many friends. Good friends too. Now she guessed she'd have to be a friend. Of course, she looked at who Rex was with. She guessed that's where she'd have to start first.


ivy's closet said...

Hhopefully, Kelsey will get along OK with Maria.

Holly said...

This will be interesting what really develops between Kelsey and Jack.

better days said...

I hope they can enjoy each other's company.

simon and josh said...

I hope Jack really cares about her.