Monday, October 18, 2010

farther from the truth

"You are coming to this dinner, aren't you?" Nick asked Jack when he made his daily stop at the library.

"I dunno." He was looking at his dirty finger nails. "Who's gonna be there?"

"Lots of people. Well, friends Kelsey went to school with, mostly, but its for both of you. Like a wedding slash baby shower." Nick told him.

Jack made a face as if he didn't want to have a part of it.

"Even Ellie and Lon are coming." Nick smiled. "You know them."

"I dunno. I." He closed his eyes, shook his head. "You know, this is for Kelsey, mainly, right?" He finally looked at Nick with a wince. "I should just-"

"You can't not go." Nick glared at him. "You are the husband."

Jack looked as if he might choke.

"Gawd, all right." But Jack didn't look none to pleased about it.

"So is everything going OK?" Nick wanted to know.

"Just peachy," Jack said so cynical. "I just like staying home, OK?" He remained soured and bit cold to Nick.

"You knew it was going to hit you, sometime, rushing into all this with Kelsey. You knew-" Nick started.

"OK! I got it." He stared at Nick then. "We'll be there with bells on. All right." He gritted then.

"Look, nobody is trying to figure this thing out with you and Kelsey. We want to help you. You're almost family." Nick told him.

Jack bit his bottom lip. He nodded.

"I just- I hope both of you are happy." Nick smiled then, but Jack looked away as if he could care less what Nick said to him.


meg said...

aw..hope Jack will be OK. Nick's so sweet.

better days said...

Jack's attitude. So typical.

ivy said...

I hope he goes.

Keith said...

It sure doesn't sound like Jack is too enthused.

Panda! said...

Hope he will be ok.

Anonymous said...

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