Saturday, October 16, 2010

the claws of it

Jack felt as if he'd fallen into a nice sunny day. The beginning of it too. He thought he remembered the exact same thing. Maybe. The sun coming up. In a corn field. Stalks were so tall. He was much younger then. And he heard the black dog ahead of him, wrestling the stalks. His breathy sounds of panting.

"Sam!" The dog was getting ahead of him. He started to run down the rows to catch up, as if Sam might leave for good this time, and never come back. Never come back. Jack caught his breath. Sunflowers were in the way. He got conked on the head. Sam was no where in sight. Suddenly, Jack stopped. He could sense it. Someone was watching him. Some one knew he was there. Jack began to feel himself shake ever so slightly. He knew who was there. He knew who was right behind him. Jack turned around, startled. His toes in the fertile ground. It wasn't at all who he expected. Jack stared at him. His sun bleached hair falling over one eye.

"Lon? What are you doing here?" Jack stood there shocked. Perhaps scared. Why was he in this reaccuring dream? Jack didn't get it. He squinted hard. Next thing he felt was something sharp. Terribly sharp, piercing into his lower back.

Jack flinched and floundered out of bed. Wide awake now as he looked at Kelsey spread across the bed, making the most of a queen sized bed. He went to look at the wound, or what he could make of it in the bathroom. Yes, he was bleeding. He snatched the toenail clippers from the bathroom and turned on the lamp on his side of the bed.

"What are you doing?" She fretted. It was three in the morning.

He didn't answered but grabbed her foot from under the cover and sat on the edge of the bed. He started clipping toenails.

"Its like sleeping with catwoman." He told her.

Kelsey swelled a frown, fretting slightly. He didn't ask her to go to Owen's room to sleep. He just clipped all 10 toe nails, put the nail clippers on the night stand, and went back to bed.

"Now I'm awake." She informed him.

"You woke me up first." He just said, not really wanting to go back to that dream. He winced then thinking of Lon. He wanted to think of him as friend. Someone who wanted to help him build a fence. Who wanted him to come see him and his family. He didn't know what the dream meant. But it was the first time someone showed up who wasn't suppose to be there. He slightly shuttered as Kelsey cuddled next to his bare back. He felt her chin on his shoulder. How in the world could she possibly sleep that way, he wondered, but soon he eased back to sleep too, and there was no corn field this time.


better days said...

a very interesting dream. hahaha..about the toe nails.

lucy and sarah said...

That was a very strange dream..but I so like him.

Panda! said...

nice dream. lol.

ivy's closet said...

That was freaky..wonder what else it could mean?

natalie said...

What an odd dream! It must have been really unsettling for him. And I'd probably raise an eyebrow at the interesting toenail clipping habits too, haha...