Friday, October 8, 2010

a chance of meeting.

Heath had a lot going on these days. He'd just found out he'd be directing Hamlet. He was happy and nervous about that. But as it was, everything was coming along lovely at school which he was sure something would come falling apart soon. But what?

Then there was this whole Kelsey and Jack celebration that Nick wanted to do for them. It would be a dinner party. Nick was focused on that and not a thing to eat in the house. So, here he was in the grocery store in produce trying to pick up a few things for dinner. They had to eat. They were still both growing boys.

He couldn't help himself and wonder why Nick hadn't got groceries. No milk. Not even a slice of the bread. The dog had eaten what leftovers he could. Heath wasn't exactly happy about this as he looked at fruit and finally found a red apple he liked. He got grapes and so on. When he looked up, he thought he saw a ghost. However, he knew she wasn't. But there was this young woman who looked like somebody he knew. He was suppose to know her, but he hadn't seen her in ages. He blinked. It was Maria.

"What are you doing here?" Heath got this strange feeling that maybe she was following him. He didn't want to have it, but it was there clinging to him like a bad vibe.

"Heath." She smiled then. "Oh, my God." She shook her head as if this was the worst timing ever. "I've been meaning to call you, but everything has been so hectic. I got a job here at the middle school."

"What?" How could she? Seriously? Was she still in love with him, he first thought. OK, it was the only thought swimming around in his head. His eyes lit. He didn't know what else to say. "Great!" Heath tried to laugh as if he were happy about it, but he really wasn't. He didn't really want to have anything to do with her.

"How's Nick?" She came around to put her avacados in a basket.

"Great. Fantastic, really." OK, he might have made it more wonderful than it was, but it was great.

"Good." She nodded. "I was going to call you. Really, I was, but I thought I should get settled."

Heath just nodded as she explained how she didn't live all that far from here. She'd taken a place that was no more than a space in a rooming house, but it was roomy and cheap.

"We'll have to get together, sometime." Heath was even lipped. Maria just nodded and was on her way. He watched her go. Heath couldn't imagine what she was really up too.


E.L. said...

Hahaha..sometimes Heath thinks a little too much of himself, but I love him anyway.

meg said...

I thought he was gonna have a panic attack, at first.

Panda! said...


natalie said...

Heath definitely has a lot on his mind!