Monday, October 4, 2010

can't walk in sleep for you

"You know you need her." Jack finally got up the courage to tell Kelsey a few days later when he came home from work.

"No, I don't." She looked pretty beat, and he couldn't think of the last time she showered. As it was she wouldn't leave Owen alone with her mother in fear she might try some old house wives remedy on him.

"Well, she needs to be needed, you know." He winced not sure what the real answer was to the situation. A part of himself felt he might really know a whole new meaning to that song, Burning Ring of Fire. What had he got himself into? Of course, all he got was a scowl out of Kelsey. He took the baby from her. "Just shower, and I'll think of something."

Owen was so tiny and slightly larva-like. It was hard to tell who he really looked like yet. But he was alive and well in Jack's arms. He hated to put him down. Before he knew it he had Grady practically choking him by pulling on his T-shirt when he sat down with the baby at the couch. Grady had to investigage. Any other time, Jack might have come unglued, but at the moment he might as well have been an old dog with a pup who was trying to torment him, and this thing had decided to go to sleep on him in his arms.

"Sorry, we live so far away." He got up and walked with the baby into the kitchen where Kelsey's mother was getting some supper together. Grady followed hanging on to his leg.

Her mother, Leslie just gave him a solemn look as if she weren't having any fun, either.

"Maybe, you could go back home for a couple of days and come out later. Maybe some of her friends could-"

"What friends?" Her mother looked at him seriously. "She doesn't have any friends. She scares them away."

"We went to see that one friend of hers." That couple in Lincoln. They were friendly and Jack envied them a little. He wanted what they had. A family. "Ellie and her husband."

"Kelsey is not the best friend in the world." Leslie informed him. "She likes things her way or no way at all."

Jack nodded as if he understood. "I guess she's a lot like you, then."

Her mother went back to peeling potatoes. Really, he couldn't wait to try her meatloaf. He wouldn't mind having her around for a little longer, and he was getting used to Kelsey's knee in his back when she slept with him.


meg said...

I really like the line about the old dog with the pup. He's a good guy.

Panda! said...

Sweet. :)

natalie said...

awww, little Owen. they are sweet together!

DFF said...

He makes a pretty good Dad.