Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the big side of it

Thank God, Grady had Charlie to play with. But that meant Jack had to hang around with Lon. It was a tad uncomfortable. There was an inkling that maybe Jack really liked Lon's company more than he should. But of course, there was Grady. And of course, he took him on a few wild goose chases. They had to have a talk out back about him getting him good in the crotch.

"Now what would you do if I did that to you?" He grabbed him by the arm that he meant business. Of course, all he got were Grady's big blue eyes staring up at him as if he'd hurt him already by raising his voice. "You know it hurts. I know you know what you're doing. You know better." He sat with him on the back step for awhile. Suddenly, he knew how sad he'd be if Grady ran away from him. A tear came to the corner of his eye. "Be good will you?" He rubbed his hand on the top of his messy mop of hair. There was no use keeping him neat as a doll because he wasn't one. He was definitely a boy in motion.

"So are you hiding out here?" Lon came out to check on them.

"Just fussing, thats all." Jack cleared his throat.

"Well, you two better come in. They're gonna open presents soon. And there's homemade ice cream too." Lon ushered them in to the livingroom. The dinner dishes were tucked away in the dishwasher now and Charlie was in the playpen with some toys. Jack put Grady in with him. But he had a watchful eye to see if Grady was sharing. He was. So he sat next to Kelsey and she teased him with a present.

Jack just smiled. He thought this was a baby shower, not wedding gifts. He hadn't been the center of attention for quite some time. It was making him  a little nervous to get used too.


lucy and sarah said...

aw, I love Jack and Grady.

Panda! said...

so lovely

natalie said...

Aww, I bet Grady and Charlie together are cute!

better days said...

Oh, Grady sounds like a hand full.

E.L. said...

He's actually a good Dad, I think.