Thursday, October 14, 2010


"How did it feel?" Ellie questioned Kelsey who was breast feeding Owen. They were in the bedroom, chatting. Ellie had brought them a casserole and a baby blanket she'd crocheted.

"What?" Kelsey winced. She felt almost an old timer at this. They had with stood the last few weeks getting down a schedule that was subject to change at anytime. At least her mother had gone home.

"You know, when you started breastfeeding?" Ellie watched. Kelsey tried not to be intimidated.

"Well, at first its like. So, so what, but then it gets to the point that you feel like you are carrying a bunch of rocks on your chest and only he can relieve the pain, but then once he's latched on it can get weird. Totally." Kelsey told her.

"Like how?" Ellie still seemed lost about the process as she sat there holding her own belly. "Sometimes, I wish I could start breastfeeding now so I'd know what I was doing when the baby actually got here. Does that sound weird?"

"Yeah, it does." Kelsey winced with a laugh. "Really, let me tell you, enjoy these last few months and much as possible, get as much sleep as you possibly can because once the baby gets here, you won't get any. I can't say I've really slept since the baby has been born."

"So how''s Jack doing with all this...stuff." Ellie moved on to something else that seemed to be bugging everyone Kelsey knew. Why was she with Jack?

"Oh God, he could sleep through anything." Kelsey sighed. Just then she moved Owen to her left breast. She covered up as much as possible.

"Does he help you?" Ellie moved slightly as if she might have a cramp. Lon had drove and he and his son were out back with Jack and Grady.

"Of course, he does." Kelsey looked at Ellie as if she just didn't get that they were a family. "Really, he takes over with Owen, a lot. He'll take a bottle from Jack. And yeah, I get naps.

"You two aren't, you know." Ellie gave a little shiver.

"What? Sex. Of course not. God, I can't believe'd think ...that..NOW." She startled Owen and he awoke. His little arms spanned out, but she hugged him close. He went back to nursing. Kelsey touched the back of Owen's head coated with dark hair like her own. She didn't want to admit it, but this might be the closest thing she'd ever have to sex.


Keith said...

I remember when my nephew was born that he tried to get every woman he saw to breastfeed him.

better days said...

a very emotional and sensitive time.

ivy said...

Did I mention how much I love Jeremy's neck beard in that header..hehehe..Anyway, glad things are good for Kel & she can tell Ellie what to expect.

meg said...

Being a Mom is so overwhelming...and lots of long hours.

ori said...

Glad she has someone to talk too. And Kelsey might have good insight about what Ellie has to look forward too.

ori said...

P.s..loved Keith's comment!!