Thursday, September 16, 2010

pieces of the puzzle

"So how's Kelsey?" Heath thought he should at least ask. He wasn't really sure he wanted to know, but there was Rex on his way to work. Of course, Heath was getting ready for bed, but he thought he might need a snack. Nick was studying something on his laptop, upstairs.

"She seems fine to me." Rex barely said as he grabbed an apple from the kitchen table to take with him.

"So, you've talked?" He guessed all the drama was over. Everything was back to normal. At least Rex had a job. Maybe things were normal now.

"Not really." Rex looked at him as if he'd rather not talk about her. "I guess she met someone."

"Really?" Heath couldn't imagine someone that pregnant, dating. "That's kind of weird." Heath almost squinted a grin.

"Yeah," Rex nodded. "It was weird when I saw them. It was like they'd known each other forever."

"You know this person?" Heath reached in the fridge then for some milk. He checked to see all his containers were ready full of cold tea. He was ready for school.

"I guess you know him too." Rex was leaving.

"What? Who?" Heath looked at Rex as he was going out the back door.

"Its Jack. I saw them at the grocery store." Rex told him. He slammed the door behind him.

Heath thought he was going to choke on his milk. Rex couldn't be right.


lucy and sarah said...

I really liked this Heath must feel now.

Holly said...

I love heath's reaction.

meg said...

That must have really startled Heath.

Katie said...

Oh wow...

ori said...

I wonder what Heath thinks of Jack now.

natalie said...

Whoa, Heath must be quite shocked...!