Saturday, September 4, 2010

one step beyond

Maria had somehow managed her 9 a.m interview. She'd gotten up in the middle of the night to drive across a state just to cross a river to  a little town that wasn't much bigger from where she came from. She still wasn't into moving into the city even if each year she said this would be the year she'd make the big move. Perhaps it was just too overwhelming still. And well, the rent had been nice where she was. Her parents kept reminding her to stay put. But she was tired of the same old problems. People watching her. People wanting her to be with certain people. She had to at least get away from that. Heath did. But when she found out she'd missed him, off with Nick in Denver, it was a little perturbing. She wasn't sure what to expect out of this mystery man she'd got on the house phone. Why had Heath given her the house phone number? Why couldn't she be in direct contact with him? Oh, she remembered now. He had a new life, and he really would never be into her.

So. She took a deep breath. Rang the doorbell. First thing she got when the door open was a black lab wanting to run between her legs and slap her butt with his wagging tail. Maria pretended to laugh it off. Heath had a dog? Why?

"You made it." The guy was friendly enough. Taller than Heath. She couldn't even remember what Nick looked like. "Maria, right?" He gave her a handshake then and went to put the dog up before she tripped over him.

"You must be..." Maria squinted hard then. "Rex?"

"Yes." He nodded and lead the way. "Uh, I stayed at work later this morning than I planned, but uh, I didn't cook anything."

She hadn't expected him too. She just stared at him, wondering what that meant. He wanted her to cook?

"Believe me, you wouldn't want to touch it if I had cooked, but I got a few things at the deli." He had a nice spread of food out. She would have never known it was from the deli. Everything was in a sweet little platter. It was a nice surprise. And there were sunflowers. Her favorite flowers.

"Thanks." She sat down and he asked about the interview which she wasn't expecting he'd remember. After a few minutes, she had this Rex figured out. He wanted her to do all the talking.

"So where do you work?" She said while forking the potato salad a part on her plate.

"Just the grocery store. The only grocery in town." He looked at her serious. "Lucky, I got on there. I guess." He finally got around to telling her he'd graduated college just to find out there were no jobs in his field. Exactly.

"Sorry, don't mean to be downer, but things are looking up. I go in soon to see about an assistant management position that might be opening up next month. Guess I'll work when ever they need me." He shrugged.

Maria smiled. She took a sip wine. Maybe it was good thing, she didn't have to see Heath, after all. It was good to meet new people. And what was even better, no one had set this up, as some sort of fix up date. There was nothing to report to anyone. She could just be herself. It was still a funny feeling, being off the radar with someone who didn't really know her.


E.L. said...

I think Maria might want to get back at Heath, too.

ivy's closet said...

Its interesting to see if they do like each other.

ivyoaks said...

Oh my..who'll make the first move?

natalie said...

Rex and Maria seem to be getting along great together, so far at least.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

I see Maria in his future.