Saturday, September 18, 2010

not possible

"Did you know about Kelsey?" Heath's question baffled Nick, who pulled off his wire rim glasses. He was in the middle of reading The Hunger Games while laying in bed.

"Know what?" He put the glasses and book away.

"Jack." Heath winced. "She's with Jack."

"No. That can't be right." Nick shook his head, kind of laughed. "She doesn't even know him."

"Rex seems to think she does. He saw them together." Heath told him.

"That's just crazy." Nick chuckled. "I don't see how."

"Definitely some strange stuff has been going on while we were away." Heath decided as he pulled back the covers and shucked his flannel pants to be in his briefs.

"I just can't see it. Not Jack." Nick shook his head. He cut the light and turned to Heath. "I'll believe it when I see it." He pushed his fingers through Heath's bangs. He definitely didn't want to think about those two right now. He felt Heath's hand at his side pulling him in. They kissed. Nope, no more thoughts of Jack and Kelsey.


natalie said...

Hehe, I like how he's reading The Hunger Games... which I still need to get around to doing!

They're cute together.... :)

meg said...

Oh, it does sound odd. Glad they are still sweet on each other.

ori said...

They are adorable. Hmmm..I like their thoughts about jack.

ivy said...

so love the knew header..and that pic of just the way I like to think of him in the story. Nick too..=D

Katie said...

Aw theyre cute together :)

E.L. said...

I'm glad someone is having a good time tonight.