Tuesday, September 28, 2010

how about that

"I think he looks like you." Nick grinned as he looked at the baby pictures on his digital camera and then at Rex. They were wondering around the hospital at the gift shop. Nick kept shaking his head at every little thing Rex picked up.

"It's too expensive." Nick mouthed.

"I dunno what to do." Rex looked beat, unsure where he even was. Nick got him to sit down at the cafeteria while he went to get them some coffee and pie.

"Just try to enjoy the moment, OK." Nick told him. "You guys are talking."

"Sort of." Rex shrugged.

"Still shocked about the whole Jack and Kelsey thing. But you know. They don't live that far away." Nick reminded him.

"Yeah." Rex warmed his hands on the coffee mug. "God, I guess you want me moving out, don't you?" Rex rubbed his eyes then.

"No. Stay. Just try to get your act together. Save up." Nick smiled. "Didn't that boss of yours say something about you being management quality?"

"What are mom and dad going to think? I mean, they all expect me to get some fancy job in Kansas City, you know." He sighed.

"Who cares what they think. You have a job. And they aren't all that easy to come by these days." Nick shrugged. "It'll be OK."

"I don't get why Kelsey's with him. Do you?" Rex winced.

"Haven't a clue. Maybe she sees something in him that no one else can." Nick dug into his cherry pie then. Rex finally stuffed a heap of blueberry pie in his mouth. Nick guess it was a quiet celebration, but Rex was a dad now and he was an uncle.


lucy and sarah said...

Its good to see them talk.

ori said...

I'm glad Nick is there for Rex.

molly said...

This is nice of them talking like this.

cass and cady said...

Maybe Rex is changing.

natalie said...

sounds like a good discussion, getting ready for what's ahead with the baby in the future and everything.

meg said...

They are good brothers.

ivyoaks said...

finally they are good to each other. Well, you know..Rex isn't that easy to get along with.