Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy town

Heath had to wonder if they'd made it to every tourist trap yet. Of course, there was the fine dining which they did a little of. Soon enough they were tired of vegetarian tacos and all the healthy choices. They'd been to the mountains. After one light headed trip, Heath was certain he didn't want to live there.

"Its really amazing out here." Nick couldn't stop thinking of all the possibilities of living there. He loved the down town, but Heath was getting a little claustrophobic.

"Its expensive." Thats what he came down too. No way would he move out here if everything was so much more hip and modern. "I really don't think its us."

Nick gave him a look that he nixed everything.

"Oh, come on." Heath winced. "You know, how lucky you are? You couldn't get a job like you have now, out here. You just couldn't. You were at the right place at the right time. You know, you could have a degree and wait decades for something like you have. You know, there are not that many jobs in library science anymore."

"I know." Nick shrugged.

"Sorry." Heath wasn't sure why he had to bring that up. Possibly, he still wanted to be teaching out in western Nebraska because thats what he knew. And moving to a whole new state to teach, he was a little apprehensive. He didn't know anyone. He'd gone to a brunch. Found his classroom. Heard all the pep talks. Still this was so new. No religious studies. Just drama. Yeap, he guessed those library workshops won him over. Thanks to Nick.

"I don't see why you get so worked up over this new position. Isn't it everything you ever wanted?" Nick looked back at Heath who just stood in front of a shop, that was full of crockery.

"OK. I'm worrying for nothing." He sighed. Shoved his hands in the front pockets of his khakis. He'd have 4 productions to get through during the school year. Some of those were for state. Maybe. And then there were all those wannabe actors to worry about.

Nick hooked his arm around Heath. They weren't here to discuss what the future might bring, but right now.

"Lets go get tattoos." Nick smiled.

"Really?" Heath winced. Nick couldn't be serious, could he? Thought Heath.


Holly said...

hahahah..why not?

molly said...

Oh, Heath. I still love him.

molly said...

But I might like Jack of late..sorry.

meg said...

I'm glad Heath told Nick how lucky he is..because he really is with that job and all...and with Heath. But I think Nick knows these things.