Thursday, September 30, 2010

basically speaking

Heath guessed everything was back to normal. Everything simmered down. Kelsey was home and he'd just survived his first whole week at the new school. Teaching drama and speech all day. What more could he ask for? All the kids seemed to want to be there, so that was a plus. He liked having a gig that was just 101 for the most part. The speech class was for those who knew what they were doing. If only it were his first class instead of last for the day, it might have been a perfect schedule.

Still, Jack was on his mind, and what he had said to him. He wished he could have said something. Something that would stick, but he had nothing. Nothing really. He didn't want to make the wound any deeper or try to figure him out with more questions. If only he had. What was Jack really trying to tell him?

"So who could ask for a better time?" Nick was all smiles. He'd made dinner and they were thinking of going to the flea market this weekend. Maybe build some shelves for the garage. And if those turned out... well then possibly Nick had an idea for an entertainment center. It was just talk. Heath wasn't exactly in the mood to start a building project. Perhaps he could take Nick's mind off the idea.

"Yeah. We're here together. Its the best." Heath assured him as he dug into the spaghetti dish. He tried to think on Jack and what was really wrong. Or what had happened. Something before Heath really knew him. He was sure of it now.

"You never did say how that went with Jack?" Nick brought up then as if wondered now. "You know, I'm not sure that was the best place to pick on him like that. The hospital."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Heath sighed. "I had no right to do that. And, and well, they seem happy."

"Yeah, they do." Nick agreed. "Its just we still need to do something for them. I mean, the are kind of like family. Well, they are. I am an uncle."

"Yeah." Heath cynically laughed. "Yeah, your the uncle to your ex-girlfriend's baby who just so happened-" He couldn't finish the sentence. It was true. Jack was never a real boyfriend. He had been a bully, first and far most. "Yeah, yeah, we should do something for them. We could bring them dinner."

Of course, Nick was about to load up the leftover right then.

"Some time." Heath glared at him. "Not tonight." No, they had the night to themselves. Rex was at work. All was quiet. All was good. Heath had to remember that.


Holly said...

To bad Jack has to trouble Heath.

molly said...

great Heath is doing so cool.

ori said...

Sounds like a better school year for him.

meg said...

Its good things are going so well for Heath.