Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what trouble

Rex hated Kelsey quite passionately now. He had never felt so in hate with anyone. Ever.

She'd made him sick. He couldn't sleep. It was as if she were determined to hate him, completely. It felt as if it were some-what common now. A fixed thought. Perhaps he'd found peace with it. He couldn't be sure. But at least he'd started stocking items at the nearby grocery store at night. At least, it kept him busy.

But now he had the house all to himself. Nick had Heath had left for their long train ride to Denver. Supposedly, they'd wake up there, but the way they talked..there would be no slumber in that sleep car. As if he wanted to hear about it.

Just as he was about to leave to go to his job, the phone rang. It was someone Heath used to work with. Maria.

"He's gone?" Maria sounded sad. "I was hoping I could stay there. A day or two. I-I found out there is a position in a school out there. Math and Science. I actually, teach art, but I can teach math and science. And I always wanted to, but-" She stopped then. "Sorry, I'm so sorry, you don't even know me."

"Well, I'm sure if you want to stop by, they'll be glad you did." He told her who he was, gave her directions. He said he'd be here when she got there tomorrow.

"You sure it won't be any trouble?" She asked.

Rex didn't want to say it couldn't be anymore trouble than the trouble he already knew.


simon and josh said...

Maria & Rex..could it be a possibility?

ori said...

Wish Rex wasn't so angry. But it must be a bad time for him.

natalie said...

Eeek, I definitely wouldn't want to be in Kelsey's position right now with all of that hatred from Rex directed towards me! Yikes!

lucy and sarah said...

Rex is getting strange. I wonder how the Maria situation will go???

DFF said...

at least he found a job.

Katie said...

Kelsey's in a bad position!