Friday, August 13, 2010

still a mystery

"What?" It was lunchtime before Nick heard from Ellie who was calling about Kelsey. "You heard from her?"

"Yeah, sounds like she met someone online." Ellie told him about the phone call from her.

"Are you kidding me?" He was on his way to the diner close to the library for the lunch special. He ate there about once a week. If he did so everyday, he knew he'd be overweight. But the burgers were char-broiled and the home fries spectacular. He was meeting Heath there for lunch.

"No, she wanted me to lie to her Mom."

"Did  you?" Nick tensed.

"I never heard from her Mom. Do you think I should call her Mom and tell her whats going on?" Ellie wondered.

"I dunno what she's up too." Kelsey was being a big mystery, lately. He hoped she wasn't trying to sell the baby. "I know she's mad at me because she thinks I'm taking Rex's side."

"Are you?"

"I don't want too. I wish it was all planned, you know. We could have the baby. Only, I dunno if I could do it. Now. I mean, if it were just me, Heath and the baby it would be fine. I just couldn't deal with Rex and Kelsey. Too much drama, you know." Nick hoped he didn't sound selfish, but he had Heath to think about. He knew now Heath had to come first. And really this was not the time to start a family.


Katie said...

A lot to think about!

meg said...

Nick shouldn't be too upset over all this, but I have a feeling Kelsey just might want to make them feel guilty.

lucy and sarah said...

She needs to let her friends know, what's up.

natalie said...

he doesn't sound too selfish to me! sounds to me like he's just trying to do what's right for everyone.

molly said...

He can only do so much.

mazzy said...

Nick's got a job. He's married. He's got Heath...and Rex is staying them. Geeze...he's doing a lot.

ori said...

Kelsey seems to be the drama queen.

lily said...

I dunno if they should make over her or not.