Friday, August 27, 2010

on the road

Heath was ecstatic. Finally the occasion arrived. No driving. Just the two of them on a train.

"Maybe this'll give us more ideas just where to go." Heath was all smiles as they waited to find their spot on the train. They'd paid extra for the sleep car.

"Yeah, like San Diego." Nick smirked back.

"We are going there, you know, some day. We should. Maybe we should move there." Heath said out of the blue.

"Yeah, if we win the lottery." Nick joked.

Heath smiled back. Finally they found their space, and they were alone. They kissed. A longing one as if this was just the beginning. Heath looked at Nick then.

"No regrets, right?" Heath kept staring as if he'd know if Nick was worried. Heath didn't want to say Kelsey's name.

"Look, what can we do? Kelsey will do what Kelsey does. Just kind of feel bad for who ever it is she's found to hook up with." Nick remained steady.

"Well," Heath hoped they didn't bring her up again. She wasn't their problem. She really wasn't. "I certainly won't be trying to track this idiot down to tell him the truth about her. Maybe she's happy." He bit his bottom lip, and he unbuttoned Nick's shirt then. This show was on the road now. He could barely feel the train. Possibly, he'd been hoping for a roller-coaster ride. Evidently, they definitely had  to have one of their own.

Nick sat down on the bed. They kissed more as they unwound each other with each breath and task. Heath gave way a soft laugh. Perhaps they were definitely on track now.


molly said...

I hope they just live the moment.

ori said...

So excited for them

lucy and sarah said...

Sounds like a great time for a trip.

meg said...

I'm glad they got away.

Benazir said...

Agh... I feel so awful for not commenting, but I'm still loving this story :) Great job!