Monday, August 23, 2010

not quite a plan

Kelsey licked her dry lips. She hadn't meant to ask too much of Jack. The storm had scared her.

"It'll never happen again." She promised about sleeping with him. He'd wanted her to go home.

"Well, of course, it won't. You need to get back who ever. You probably have people worried sick. You know that." Jack kept pushing that she needed to stop stalling. He'd even tried to make her mad.

Yes, they had a fuss that morning. Not a fight. Just him saying things that might have been true. He wondered if she wanted to be in an accident.

"I don't want to hurt my baby!" She was quick to point out. But he said she was hurting a lot of people by not telling them where she was nor what she was doing. "Go home."

Well, she hadn't. He'd gone off to work with Grady. He seemed certain that he would be just fine without her.

"What about last night. You-you needed me." She reminded him.

"I could have called my dad." He was stoic. Quite stubborn she thought. Why was he like that? Suddenly, sullen and wanting to push her away.

She was big on tears, lately. But she didn't let him know how upset she was. She'd gotten in her car, ready to leave and then she didn't. She made brownies instead. Even fried chicken. He liked to eat. And she was determined she'd figure out a way to stay.

"What is this?" He looked at her when he came home with Grady who got into the brownies before Jack could tell him, no. It helped that Grady fell right into her arms and patted her boobs as he knew what they were good for.

"I was thinking if we ate now, we would have plenty of time for take a drive." She shrugged. There was potato salad to dig into as well and carrot and raisin slaw too. Jack just kept staring at the food.

"A drive? Where?" But he kept staring at the food.

"Possibly, my parents." She hugged herself then.

He pressed his lips tight. He didn't say anything but got him a plate going. Kelsey put Grady in his high chair. It didn't bother her at all that he had chocolate all over her.


ori said...

Kelsey and her deals. Hmmm.

meg said...

She's just not taking no for an answer.

natalie said...

Well, all of the food definitely sounds good. It's good that Kelsey's at least trying!

molly said...

I luv Jack, but not sure she's right for him.

E.L. said...

Have to wonder what she has in mind.