Sunday, August 29, 2010

a lovely ending

"You tricked me." Jack looked at Kelsey who was finding more things they needed at the grocery store. They'd just got back from her friend's house. They hadn't gone to her parents. He thought she'd be home now. Possibly sleeping in her own bed in her own room at her parents. But that didn't happened. Instead he drove her to Ellie and Lon's house. "They weren't even expecting us."

"They didn't care." She shrugged as she plopped in another pack of toilet paper.

He guessed they didn't. But her friends were married. They had a baby already. Of course, Grady had fun. So much fun they spent the night. Since Grady went to sleep on them and there was the futon.

Jack chewed at the inside of his cheek. He studied Kelsey as she got things to make the place to smell better. He was a bit peeved with her.

He slept with her again. Not that he wanted to. And the house was so hot, he had to take off his shirt. He was in his boxers. Just a little too close for comfort. It didn't help any that her stomach was wedged in his back again. Then he tried to lay on his back and he felt her hand across his chest. But he was too tired to move. He'd managed to sleep through it.

"You know, we can have, exactly what they have." She cornered him then as they stopped in front of the baby things.

"Yeah, sure." He meant to mock, but she just smiled. "They're married."


"And, you know." He blew a breath. She got the pampers then and they moved on.

"You know, he looks just like you." She sighed then. He looked at Grady then. What in the world was she looking at? It was coming to Jack's attention now that Kelsey's head was full of fantasies. He grabbed a Harlequin romance for her then. "You sure you don't need something to read?"

She fussed with it, and put it back. Jack gave her a sly grin. Grady saw the donuts. He begged for them.

"Bud, we got brownies at home, you know." Jack looked at him.

"No we don't. Remember, we ate them." She gave him a dead stare then. He guessed he'd have to get a few. But Jack made certain they were the cake ones with nothing on them.


a jacob black tale said...

They are kind of cute together.

Laura Tenshi said...

Thank you so much, hope you had a fun weekend. I liked the part where he didn't want to do anything to her but he had his shirt off :)) Like, I am already wet, might as well go for a swim

meg said...

Oh, I think they might like each other.

lily said...

Can this be something else???

molly said...

I think they're having fun.

natalie said...

It's hard to tell what exactly is going through their minds through all of this, but things seem to be going fair enough... I think.

ori said...

Sounds like Kelsey might want something from Jack.