Saturday, August 21, 2010

it could happen

There was something different about Jack, but Nick couldn't quite place it. He'd stopped by the library at lunch. Jack had just missed his Dad who had left with someone from city for a lunch date.

"The country life must be the good life." Nick teased.

"Yeah, not a lot of noise." Jack sighed. He was in his beige uniform. He looked kind of like a ranger, but not really. He wore a cap instead of one of those Mountie hats that the police guys wore.

"Listen, could you check on Rex while Heath and I are out in Denver." Nick thought he'd give it a shot. Jack and Rex seemed to get along. Sort of.

"I dunno. Kind of got my hands full at the moment." Jack told him. "Rex is not a dog."

"If only he were." Nick thought he might keep up with him better. "He's kind of depressed. And you know, if you and Grady could cheer him up. Maybe-" Nick knew Rex had taken a liking to Grady.

"Whats got him so depressed?" Jack leaned on the library counter. It was quiet. No one needed to check out.

"Girl troubles." Nick shrugged. "Well, I guess she's a woman now. Since she is gonna have his kid."

"Huh? Really?" Jack winced.

"She's not making it easy." Nick nodded as if he was sure he didn't really need to talk about this at work with Jack, or anywhere.

"Yeah, that stuff is never easy." He kind of frowned. Jack backed away from the counter. "Well, better get something to eat. Gotta get back. I bet Rex is gonna be just fine. You two have a good trip." He nodded. "If it'll make you feel any better I'll stop by to make sure Doc got fed."

Nick knew that was an excuse. He just bet Jack wanted to see Rex. Nick kind of smiled. Maybe Jack could be Rex's new best friend.


lucy and sarah said...

Nick has no idea does he? Maybe Jack doesn't either. Made me smile.

ori said...

Rex is not a dog..made me laugh.

molly said...

Jack in a uniform. interesting.

natalie said...

Haha, I liked their conversation. But yeah, Jack's hands are definitely full right now...

ivy said...

I like the idea that neither really know what's going on.

Katie said...

Doesn't sound like either of them knows what is going on...