Wednesday, August 4, 2010

in a nutshell

Rex thought he might be sick when heard the news that Kelsey hadn't made it home.

"God, I hope she's all right." He fretted then. All sorts of horrible scenarios came to mind. Her in a car wreck. Someone kidnapping her. What if somebody snatched the baby. It was a horrifying thought. What if she were dead somewhere and he might never see his son. Ever.

"Well, we have to call the authorities." Rex told Nick.

"Her mother already has. But there's nothing suspicious yet. Maybe she just needed some time by herself." Nick remained calm. He wasn't thinking the worst.

Rex began to pace, wondering what she was thinking. Was she doing this just because of him? Did she just want to torment him? Maybe it was some sort of test. She was trying to see if he had any real feelings for her. That was probably it. She was probably just fine.

But then the other part of him was so worried. Worried she was hurt or being tortured.

Nick went start dinner. Heath arrived with a big notebook of lesson plans to look through.

"What's wrong with you?" Heath squinted putting down his notebook on the livingroom table. He sat down to relax and loosened his tie which he took off as well as his shirt. He was in white tank.

"Its Kelsey. She-she had to have one of her fits here, and now she's missing." Rex gave him a dead stare.

"Glad I missed that. I bet she didn't go far. She just needed to cool off. Believe me, today I would be in the swimming pool if I weren't so pale."

Rex definitely couldn't imagine Kelsey in a pool anywhere. As it was, she still wanted to dress as if she weren't pregnant at all. She certainly wouldn't be caught in a swim suit.


the oaks said...

Its interesting, Heath's reaction.

ori said...

Rex is at least worried.

natalie said...

Oh goodness, it must be tough for him right now, not knowing what could have become of her. O:

Katie said...

He seems really worried about her!

Syed (dapper kid) said...

I hope she's alright, if only for his sake!

ivy said...

I'm glad he's worried.

Melissa said...

You are a wonderful writer (:

xx, Melissa

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

I'm worried about Kelsey